Buying Guide

You’ll find numerous Mattress Buying Guides online, but this is the only one you really need. You see, most mattress buying guides provide you with an enormous amount of information that will complicate an already complicated industry. So let’s clear the waters…

First, research is good, but…you’ll find that ridiculous claims go unchecked and opinions are rampant.   One retailer (and only one) will tell you that Sleep Number® beds are good and the others will say not.  One will tell you that a memory foam mattress is well worth the investment and of course, the other will not. Your friend, neighbor or relative tells you that their mattress is clearly the best.

So what should you do?   Simple!   Don’t over think it and follow our straightforward “Mattress Buying Guide”.

Our Simple Buying Guide

Finding the right mattress is truly simpler that you think.   Follow these steps and your potential for success will increase dramatically.

  1. Find three (3) mattress stores in your area.

  2. Take a few minutes to research each stores website to “get your feet wet” in the world of mattresses.

  3. Set aside 30 – 60 minutes to visit Perrysburg Mattress and be certain to make it your final stop, you’ll be glad you did.